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Textile Effects Division


Softeners / Finishing Agents

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Ultrasoft® 700

Mixture of hydrophilic polymers, with polysiloxanes, which imparts wicking properties, smoothness and improves the seam after cutting.

Specially designed to create volume on the fabric, and create a "DRAPE" effect on the cotton.

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Ultrasoft® C-HF

Modified Imidazoline type ammonium cationic softener, with excellent anti-static performance, fiber swelling (drape), lubricity, softness and wetting capacity.

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Ultrasoft® STAT

Hydrophilic auxiliary polymer, which imparts soil release, wicking, softness, and anti-stat properties, for polyester and cotton / polyester blends.

Works as a softener giving an excellent touch, and giving a "cool" feeling of freshness.

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Ultrasoft® HF-120

Imparts smoothness properties and improves sewing.

Designed to add volume and promote a good touch, in cotton garments, and cotton / polyester blends.

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Ultrasoft® Base-C

Substantive cationic softener designed for cellulosic fibers and their mixtures with synthetic fibers. 

Imparts a soft and voluminous touch to the fiber.

Produces a smooth handling on synthetic fibers.

It can be applied by both processes: Exhaustion and Padding.

Minimum foam generation. 


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